Mosaic Gallery


The term ‘gallery’ has many meanings, but for these purposes, we are taking on this definition:

“a room or building devoted to the exhibition of works of art”

If you have ever been to an art gallery, you know the beauty that is found in the uniqueness of each piece. No one piece is alike, no one piece has the same intent and no one piece is even viewed from the same lens of the audience. In other words, it is complicated and complex, even if it appears simple and straightforward.

Art takes time and intentionality. It takes thoughtfulness and creativity. It is often birthed from a place of pain or celebration, momentous occasions or never-leaving memories, influential mentors or paradigm-shifting moments.

Those who come to view art – that appreciate it – do not view it with a passing glance or casual stroll. Or even a scathing critique. Rather, they stop. They stare at it. They seek to understand the attention in the detail. They long to know and understand the purpose behind the message. Their job isn’t to critique the painting, but to better understand it – and the person behind it.

And as people stare at it, they begin reflecting on their own. Many times, paintings are merely types of mirrors, pointing back to something inside of us. It’s more of a moment that allows for introspection and reflection toward one’s self, culture and the world around us, rather than jabs and shots at the sculptor. At least that's the hope.
As we consider what it means to be the people of God that reflect the person of God, this will be a space to give platform and perspective to a variety of voices. Many voices that don’t sound the same and many people that may not think the exact same. Many voices that don’t sound like mine, or think like me. Their experiences differ, their upbringings vary, their outlooks are wide.

And yet, our grounding is found in the person of Jesus, even as we share different positions, look at the world through different lenses, and seek to impact our neighborhood, workplaces and community in different ways.

I am thrilled to leverage and multiply this space out for the purposes of learning from one another and with one another.

So come, enjoy the gallery. Stare at the painted words for a while – they reflect lives, personalities and perspectives of varying kinds. And in it, they give opportunity for us all to have our own self-reflection, and to realize that the way *I* may see the world may not be the only way to see it, may not be the only experience in it.

But the common thread each of these voices share is dignity, value and worth. Each of these voices will bring nuance, clarity and vibrancy to the kingdom. Each of these voices says something unique, diverse, wonderful and beautiful about God and his world.

And they are worth listening to -- and staring at for awhile.

For the King and His Kingdom,

Wes Mills