As followers of Jesus in community together, we make three major commitments: 

Commitment to Jesus

Our commitment is first and foremost to Jesus. We take our cues from him. We not only believe the way of Jesus is right and good; we believe the way of Jesus leads to beauty and human flourishing. Our commitment is not merely to believe in the historical Jesus, but to take what he says seriously and literally. Jesus’ commitment to us, and our commitment to Him drives us toward each other and our neighbors.

Commitment to Each Other

Our commitment to Jesus is not disconnected from one another. We regularly gather to practice the teachings of Jesus which requires leaning in, engaging with and opening up. Our commitment to each other is for mutual benefit -- a receiving of grace, forgiveness and encouragement and a giving of exhortation, care and prayer.

Commitment to Your Context

Our commitment to Jesus and each other means little if we are apathetic to the world around us. We care about the reconciliation of all things, meaning we care about the plight of our neighbors, racial reconciliation, and those on the margins of our streets . Our commitment to our contexts are specific and intentional. We do not exist merely for ourselves; but rather for the glory of God through the flourishing of our community.

Connect With Us

If this feels like something you want to be apart of, and a vision you can get behind, then please reach out to mosaicknox@gmail.com. We would love to connect you to one of our missional communities, with the desire to bring the kingdom of God to our neighborhood as it is in heaven.