We long to be a family sent out by Jesus.

We aspire to be a multi-cultural family of servant missionaries, pursuing Jesus, and partnering with the Holy Spirit to bring the kingdom of God to our neighborhood as it is in heaven.

As family, we see ourselves as related; we are now brothers and sisters brought into intimate relationship with one another.

As servants, we see ourselves as support; we are now caring for and investing in the lives of our friends and neighbors.

As missionaries, we see ourselves as commissioned; we are now sent out to show the whole gospel with our lives and share the whole gospel with our city. 

We long to see Our neighborhood renewed by Jesus.

Spiritual Renewal: We long to see our neighbors reconciled to God. Because of Jesus, we can be adopted as God’s sons and daughters with confidence and humility.

Relational Renewal: We long to see our neighbors reconciled to one another. Because of Jesus, we can be free to embrace one another as brothers and sisters in grace and truth.

Cultural Renewal: We long to see our city reflect the city of God. Because of Jesus, we are compelled to give our lives to our city as servants and citizens with justice and mercy.


Want information about our ministries? Stay after a Sunday service for Mosaic 101, grab an "About Us" printout on a Sunday, or email wes.mill@mosiacknox.org for more information. 


Single moms, grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, sisters, and mother-figures, make up a large percentage of parents in our neighborhood. We believe these women are heroes and deserve a space to rest. We host once a month Moms Nights where kiddos get a meal & entertainment, and moms get a meal & self care.

emerald youth

Emerald Youth Foundation is a staple in our neighborhood. Emerald United Methodist, where it all began, is just down the street. Several Mosaic members serve in the middle school ministry at Emerald once a week. 


Mosaic members believe that your story is important. This is a ministry filled with creatives who are working to create activities, events, and outreach to help tell the stories of people in our zip code.